A Legal Practice Concentrating in the Areas of:
Family Law – Estate Planning – Personal Injury for the Plaintiff


Welcome to the Web site of attorney Kenneth J. Sanders, P.C. In order to afford clients the benefits of my in-depth knowledge of both the law and the specific judges in the local family courts, I focus my practice in the area of family law. But I also have extensive experience in estate planning and administration, and personal injury claims for plaintiffs. My office is conveniently accessible to individuals and commercial entities in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Ottawa County, and the entire western Michigan area. I am an experienced legal professional who is committed to providing you with information, support, and advocacy in a straight-talking, plainly-spoken manner that will resolve your case as efficiently, expeditiously, and cost-effectively as possible.

My Philosophy

By their very nature, most legal problems raise emotional issues that can dramatically affect people’s lives. Being involved in any aspect of the legal system with these problems can be a stressful and intimidating experience for non-lawyers-and not just for the people who have been drawn into legal conflicts. Their families face hardships and difficult decisions as well. You not only need an experienced and skillful attorney to represent you throughout that process, you should have someone who can reduce your and your family’s distress and put your mind at ease.

My goal is to relieve your anxiety and stress. My clients know that they are not “going it alone.” They have the assurance, relief, and sense of being in control that comes from knowing that they have placed their legal problem-and their trust- into the hands of someone who is dedicated to treating them as a whole person, not just another case file. I have intentionally chosen to limit the focus of my practice in order to be up-to-date on current legal developments, and so that I can be the most effective advocate possible for your particular legal needs.

I will do everything necessary to keep you informed and knowledgeable about your particular legal problem. That means that I stress direct personal attention, responsiveness, and accessibility: I listen to you. I return your phone calls promptly. I regularly report to you on the status and progress of your case.

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